Next Level Gallery

Printmakers Sampler Exhibition 2021

Printmaking Printmaking is a process based art form, carving a board, inking it up and finally the magic of pulling a print. Well, if the print matches your expectation. But even if it needs correction it just means that the anticipation  of the perfect print is delayed. Being process based means that there are many decisions to be made in

Cash and Carry 2020

Cash and Carry exhibition is now open. We have a fantastic selection of artworks in the gallery and priced to grab for Christmas. Make sure you come and see the wide selection available. Always changing as works sell.

Bruce Hill Exhibition – 4th February – 17th February

Bruce Hill is a long term member of the WSA. His current exhibition is called ‘Around Art’ as all the artworks are round in different sizes. Pop upstairs for a look at this exhibition Monday -Friday 8.30am-4pm or Saturdays 9.30am -3pm.   If you are interested in purchasing any art in the images below please contact for more information.