WSA Tutor: Caroline Peacocke

Painter & Printmaker

I am a painter, a printmaker and am currently studying Architectural Technology at Wintec. I also hold a degree in Zoology from the University of Otago. I grew up in the Waikato but it was upon moving back in 2005, that I finally picked up a paintbrush and began painting again. Wanting to broaden my horizons and work alongside other artists, I joined Waikato Society of Arts, and attended classes in etching and experimental printmaking. Both techniques challenged my art and thought processes, and I agreed to tutor the experimental printmaking classes in 2012. I love experimenting with print and mixing different printmaking techniques to produce original and unique pieces of work. While I enjoy using intaglio processes and solar printing, it’s the experimental relief-based prints that I’m most passionate about. I enjoy trying to bring a paint-like quality to my prints, and my acrylic based paintings are often textured or even 3 dimensional. I challenge myself to find unique ways of framing and displaying all forms of my artwork. My most recent prints & paintings reflect my long-held interest in iron-clad sheds and rustic buildings that nestle within the Waikato landscape. I tell my story in my art……of moments/things/experiences/objects that touch me. The art may depict: – an object found on a walk – a landscape flashing by but caught like a photo in my memory – the environment I inhabit every day – the architecture of a building & the way it melds with the landscape – a sensory experience – from smell/sound/sight/touch or taste – a moment in time – an emotion felt – the struggle of a deep loss – the rediscovery of belief in myself My art speaks of ideas and dreams. It speaks of sadness, of hope and determination. My art tells the story of what is around me and what is within me. It is personal and yearns to be told. Caroline Peacocke teaches two Experimental Printmaking classes.

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