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Digital Media

Kate works with print, paint, stitch and digital media from her studio

Kate moved from London to Hamilton in 1981. At that time she was working with fabric and fibre and winning a major award enabled her to embark on a journey of further study through fabric printing to traditional and digital printmaking. Joan Travaglia’s classes at the WSA opened up a wealth of creative opportunities. It was an environment where all students were given permission to experiment and find their own voice. Kate now works with print, paint and stitch from her studio gallery overlooking the Te Awa o Katapaki gully where the regenerating bush continues to inform many of her works. Time spent on the Coromandel, especially Tairua, provides additional inspiration. Whilst she never expected to settle in Hamilton, it has now been Kate’s home for 40-years and current works have focused on the concept of home as well as celebrating the city itself.

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