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Creativity coach
Founder of Old Mountain Art

In the midst of rural Raglan, an artist named Ailene answers a call to adventure…

…to create romantic fantasy fine art for modern-day romantics who want their home to feel as fantastic as their mind. All her life, Ailene’s been a bookworm and escaper into stories. She believes in the power of storytelling and exploring the wonder of imaginary worlds. Not only for entertainment, but as a timeless connection to culture, myths, and legends—stories help people see themselves and their place in the world. Embarking on her wild creative journey, Ailene sets free her own imaginary stories, worlds, and muses in the form of light-filled, painterly images. Can she inspire her fellow romantics to showcase their personality and honour their life experiences with art that inspires a similar timeless connection? And ultimately, reminds them of their own magic and the importance of living their *own* story? Starring Ailene Cuthbertson (as herself), her trusty goat sidekicks (as themselves), the wonder of technology, and a generous dollop of imagination and magic, Old Mountain Art is a timeless cross-the-wall, storm-the-castle classic. A perfect match to those romantic fantasy novels on your bookshelf—and Outlander and Stardust in your watch-later queue. Now on the world wide web everywhere.

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