Thursday Exploring Art Techniques 8-13 Years – Term 2

Term: 02 May –
20 Jun
When: 4:00pm –
Where: Studio 2
Tutor:Vivien Hendy
Price: $160.00
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In this course there are usually 4 modules which take 2 weeks each per term, but sometimes if we get over interested or excited they last longer. As the children’s work matures more time is spent on each topic. In these modules different techniques are explored using appropriate media such as water colour pencils, pen and dye, acrylic paints, oil pastels, collage paper, textiles and string. In each section the topics frequently considered refer to our natural world which will include birds, animals and fish and their habitats. We also take a culture from somewhere in the world and look at how the people express themselves, what they draw or paint and what they decorate. Using a map of the world we find the country and talk about what it is like. This allows the children to understand that all cultures use design and decoration based on their immediate environment to make their everyday working life beautiful in some way. Learning to plan a picture is important as is also the use of observation and imagination, and in this class drawing is emphasised. Frequently, during a term a motif is presented to the children to draw or paint whatever they see in the item and the results are usually delightful and fanciful.

In these classes the children are presented with a wide variety of resource material from which they choose their favourite critter, design or perspective. The class is designed for the children to have fun, develop a positive experience towards their artistic efforts and be proud of their work.

All Materials Included.

8 weeks.

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