Stacey Moore Exhibition – 4 March – 2 April

Event: Stacey Moore Exhibition – 4 March – 2 April
Start Date: 4 Mar
End Date: 2 Apr


“Stacey Moore is a Christian abstract artist. Born and raised in Hamilton, she recently relocated to Papamoa. Colour is her inspiration and she uses art as a way to express emotions. Her aim is to create work that uplifts and brings joy.”

“This collection was an exercise in planning, differing from my usual intuitive painting method. It was a challenge and gave me a new perspective on my own capabilities.


It was created at a time where I began to shift my focus to how my art can serve those in the community. These abstract landscapes serve as a reminder that we are here for more than just ourselves. If we look at the world around us and discover how our gifts can help others, we will find our purpose on this earth.”