Spirals by Dudri du Preez

Event: Spirals by Dudri du Preez
Start Date: 30 Nov
End Date: 30 Nov

I’m excited to invite you to my first solo exhibition. I’m working hard to make my dreams come true and this is one of them. My toddler and I paint together and she is an inspiration to me,she has taught me to let go of control and enjoy the process.  Klara adds a wonderful unpredictability to my work and life.
This series is inspired by the song from Django Django – Spirals
‘Higher and higher in spirals, turning in circles in silence. Crossing the line that divides us. Been here before this time we’ll make it alright.’
Spiralling up to reach my dreams. I may go down but I always come back up. Come and see our bold and colourful artwork.