Printmakers Sampler Exhibition 2021

Event: Printmakers Sampler Exhibition 2021
Start Date: 1 Jul
End Date: 21 Jul


Printmaking is a process based art form, carving a board, inking it up and finally the magic of pulling a print. Well, if the print matches your expectation. But even if it needs correction it just means that the anticipation  of the perfect print is delayed.

Being process based means that there are many decisions to be made in the creation  of a print. The first step is the concept and then selecting the method, the clean cut lines of a screen-print or the “noise” from carving marks on a woodcut? Or perhaps the intricacy of the design in an etching?

Ink and paper both need consideration. Carefully adjusting the press  and then the magic.

Hamilton is fortunate to have a facility for teaching printmaking and even more fortunate to have tutors that can teach a variety of printmaking methods. Classes are run by Waikato Society of Arts in the basement of the ArtsPost building.

So an event to showcase the printmaking by tutors and past and present students is an exciting event.

Please support the Next Level Gallery Printmaker’s Sampler exhibition by entering prints and attending.


The exhibition runs from 1 July, 2021.