‘Exploration 2023’ by Li-Swan Lim

Event: ‘Exploration 2023’ by Li-Swan Lim
Start Date: 5 Sep
End Date: 3 Oct

From September 5th WSA member Li-Swan Lim will be next to exhibit at Mavis & Co Rototuna. Li-Swan will have a beautiful selection of watercolours on display. These will be worth stopping by to view.

‘In my water colour journey, I am, predictably, exploring different techniques but more significantly different styles. This is a collection of the different perspectives of presenting the medium, which are predominant to me so far. Inspiration comes to me from simple things; the seasonal flowers from my garden, the crockery in the kitchen, the expansive landscapes from the outdoors and the fun experimentation with colour and techniques.’

Mavis & Co Rototuna

Rototuna Shopping Centre

2/44 Horsham Downs Road