‘Elemental’ by Hilary Batt-Ramage – 11 June – 15 July

Event: ‘Elemental’ by Hilary Batt-Ramage – 11 June – 15 July
Start Date: 30 Nov
End Date: 30 Nov

Currently exhibiting at Mavis & Co Rototuna.

Rototuna Shopping Centre 2/44 Horsham Downs Road, Hamilton.

Paint and print are my media of expression, with the occasional touch of collage. 


Watercolours are always with me, ready for when my eye is caught by the light and I see something anew, and my imagination rolls off to new dimensions.

Dawn and dusk with their endless play of dark and light is the time when I’m most inspired.


Monoprints are my favourite form of printmaking as they are so versatile.


A Life-time of Learning


I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1945, educated there and went to evening classes at Edinburgh College of Art in 1962 and 63, followed by summer school at St Andrews University, 1978 and 79, tutored by Archie Sutter Watt RSW (Royal Scottish Watercolorist) and Jo Maxwell RSW. I continued working with both tutors until 1997 when I emigrated to New Zealand.

I joined Waikato Society of Arts in 1998 and taught for several years while also attending printmaking classes. I joined PCANZ (Print Council Aotearoa New Zealand) later and remain an exhibiting member also attending summer and winter workshops learning new techniques and expanding my printmaking knowledge. I am also a member of NZAFA (New Zealand Association of Fine Arts) and send work to their members’ exhibitions.




I have weekly classes at my studio in Pirongia with a small group of local artists.

Private message me on Instagram – Hilary Batt-Ramage.


Find my paintings and prints


If you would like to find my work, I exhibit regularly with WSA, PCANZ, NZAFA and in local galleries in the North Island of New Zealand. I can send unframed pieces anywhere in the world.


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