Watercolour – A Fickle Mistress

15 December to 25 January 2022 at Mavis and co, Rototuna

Watercolour- a Fickle Mistress.

Watercolour is a Fickle Mistress. It draws you in  with its suggestion of simplicity but  begin to paint with it and  it frustrates, won’t do what you want and  regularly misbehaves. Gradually with practice, patience and observation, you learn to work with it, accept its quirks, foibles, the “happy accidents”, and begin to see the possibilities,  getting  insights into its’ nature and ways as you go along.

After 20 years of painting with transparent watercolour, I am still learning ; it still challenges and surprises me. I don’t always get what  I want or had in mind, but sometimes it is much better than I imagined!

I still love watercolour for the way it sits  on the paper and despite its’ unpredictable nature -or maybe because of it.

– Sue Burnett

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