Gillian Bigham, 25 Years: A Retrospective

Gillian is an experienced oil painter. She attended the Wellington Polytechnic, enrolling in a Commercial Art course during the late 1960’s. However, she soon discovered that a career in commercial art was not what she wanted to do. Over the years Gillian has illustrated for various groups in magazines as well as painting and drawing for her own pleasure. After moving from Wellington to Auckland she had a farming lifestyle for many years but still found time to paint.

In the 1980’s, after moving to Hamilton, Gillian joined the Waikato Society of Arts (WSA) and has had several solo exhibitions over the years in Wellington and Cambridge, also in Hamilton at the Arts Post, the Framing Workshop, and the Wallace Gallery.

Gillian is deeply grateful to Paul Judd who tutored her for several terms and who helped her to step outside her comfort zone to discover her own way of expressing herself through her art. For more than 25 years she has enjoyed being part of the Monday Group which she describes as being ‘an untutored group of artists who each have their own way of working and who share a lot of input with each other’.

Gillian was delighted to be able to put together these works as a retrospective showing the development of her work as a figurative artist (with a twist) who enjoyed focusing on the narrative and incidents that worked their way into her mind over 25 years.

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