‘Bedrock’ by Kate Symmans

Currently on display at Mavis & Co Cafe, Rototuna Shopping Centre, Horsham Downs Road, Rototuna, Hamilton.

14th June to 19th July

(b. 1988, Wellington, New Zealand)

Bachelor of Media Arts (Honours), Waikato Institute of Technology, 2012


Kate’s paintings are a geomorphic study of location and locality and whilst specific to the artist, they focus on the representation of land within the application and removal of paint. Capturing her feelings first and foremost, attention is paid to the structure, contours and pattern within New Zealand vistas where the execution of each piece finds itself on a spectrum of abstract to representational painting.


Bedrock is a survey of work progressing to Kate’s current palette of mineral-based pigments. Kate’s earthy tones allow for a visual rhythm between physical material and physical landscape. The process remains the same where layers of saturated colour are left to dry before organic forms are masked or identified in accordance with the structure of her subject. Removing the mask reveals previous layers partially obscured by the next. For Kate the process is exploratory rather than directional, conceptualised during their making and finding completion when the works feel experimentally exhausted.

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