Introduction to Herbal Preparation Workshop

Start Time: 09:30:00
When: 18 Apr
18 Apr
Where: Studio 2, Level 1, ArtsPost Building
Price: 40.00

3 hour workshop by Dudri du Preez focusing on herbal preparations, talking about specific plants and their healing properties.

My dream is to inspire and educate you to start making your own medicine with plants that mother-nature has given us to heal ourselves. In this class, we are going to learn how to make herbal infused oils, balms, teas, etc. It’s a space where we learn how to bring natural healing into our daily routine and connect with nature. The focus will mainly be on the herbal preparations but I will be talking about specific plants and their healing properties too. This class will be practical, hands on and fun! You need no previous experience, only a curious mind and an open heart. At the end of the workshop everyone will walk away with their own balms and oils. This is the first workshop I am doing and hopefully it will bloom and blossom into something beautiful. I am hoping to create a community where we can all learn about food, plants, healing and connect to mother nature and each other.