Wednesday Evening Adult Realistic Drawing Techniques

Term: 16 Feb –
06 Apr
When: 6:00pm –
Where: Studio 1
Tutor:Zhe Li
Price: $195.00
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Outline:  Can’t find your own way to realize the form behind a subject?
Learning to draw subjects realistically helps you learn to stylize them later. The course will
provide an opportunity for people of all abilities, specific to beginners to develop their
drawing skills. Realistic Drawing Techniques class will help you learn how to draw realism
with pencils. The beginners can learn drawing techniques through different marking and
shading techniques.
Activities: Intro the basic drawing skills ( making/shading techniques), Intro Artist model,
Composition: still life drawing; Demonstration; Drawing
Aim: To help learners know the different shading techniques and drawing realism. You will learn different types of pencils, making/shading techniques, Elements
of arts; Cross-hatching drawing techniques.

Materials Included.

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