Tuesday Morning – Oil Painting – Term 3

Term: 26 Jul –
20 Sep
When: 9:30am –
Where: Studio 2
Price: $250.00
There are 7 seats left for this class!

Each class requires a minimum number of enrolments to start. We will advise if this is not achieved and we have to cancel the class before the term starts.  Once the class starts there can be no refunds unless we have to cancel the class due to unforeseen circumstances.

Tutored by talented Libby Vandy-Mines.

I have painted with oils most of my artistic life and love the medium for it’s complexities and for the qualities it gives to the art of painting. I would recommend to any beginner or aspiring painter to take up oils. Painting with oils gives possibility for a huge range of effects and is very easily layered for depth, colour and texture. I look forward to teaching and sharing my experiences of oil painting and take the view that students will be able to complete 2 or 3 paintings in the first term.

7 in stock

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