Tuesday Creative Expressions – Koha

Term: 28 Feb –
04 Apr
When: 6:00pm –
Where: Studio 2
Price: $0.00
There are 5 seats left for this class!

For 18+ years of age.

Explore your universe of creative expression with the option of bringing something alcoholic/non-alcoholic to sip on. Wsa is opening its doors offering a unique open studio space for adults every Tuesday evening to come and connect creatively and with your community here in Kirikiriroa.


This space is for the exploration of our inner creativity through different paint mediums. These sessions are mostly untutored and are not going to be focused around developing painting techniques but more around expressing ourselves in a supportive and open environment.  Creativity is a quality we all posses but can be restricted due to our own expectations around the final product.


These sessions provide the space for you to hopefully challenge some of those expectations while meeting others on a similar path. During the two hour session there will be an opportunity to paint as a group on a collective piece as well as your own individual works.

Paper, pencil and acrylic paint and brushes will be provided. Any other medium you would like to work in, please bring your own materials.

As a not for profit organisation, koha is welcome for materials used.

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