Tuesday Adults Creative Writing Class – Term 3 and 4

Term: 09 Aug –
06 Dec
When: 9:30am –
Where: Printroom
Price: $320.00
There are 8 seats left for this class!

Each class requires a minimum number of enrolments to start. We will advise if this is not achieved and we have to cancel the class before the term starts.  Once the class starts there can be no refunds unless we have to cancel the class due to unforeseen circumstances.

Do you have a story waiting to be told or need inspiration? This 16-week (2 terms) course teaches the basics of plot structure, character development, setting, mood, writing good dialogue, and creating internal and external conflict that engages your audience.

During the first eight weeks of the course, you will be supported to plot the first draft of your short story, novel, novella, screenplay, or stage play. From there, you will set your own personal writing goal with feedback and guidance in a group setting.

This course is designed for beginners but would also suit those who have experience and want inspiration from other writers. Being part of a group is immensely helpful at any level, as you will be able to bounce ideas, gain valuable feedback, and have external motivation to follow through with your goals.

Tutored by talented Anya Gladstone-Gallagher.

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