Friday Foundation Drawing -5-9 years

Term: 18 Feb –
08 Apr
When: 4:00pm –
Where: Studio 2
Price: $145.00
There are 8 seats left for this class!

Foundation drawing helps children master the basics and build from there. During this class we will be drawing from imagination, photographs, and from life. We will start with the basics, including how to hold and control your pencil, where to rest your hand to avoid smudging and the difference between a HB and 4B pencil. From there we will look at drawing different shapes, finding shapes in nature, breaking complex objects into simple shapes, and two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. Next we will explore shadow and light by learning different shading techniques including applying different levels of pressure, hatching, cross hatching and scribbling to bring sketches to life. We will learn about perspective, negative space, and pattern and texture.

Materials Included.

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