Friday Art 5 – 9 years

Term: 30 Jul –
24 Sep
When: 4:00pm –
Where: Studio 2
Price: $140.00
There are -1 seats left for this class!

Our after school children’s classes are developed for certain age groups. Art and creativity are fostered by exploring a range of materials and techniques

A little bit about the art space I create. Hi, my name is Dudri. I taught as a preschool and primary school teacher for 9 years, and my focus is facilitating learning through play, fostering curiosity, and a love for learning. Naturally, when you explore and experiment, magical things happen. This is the environment I would like to create in my art space too.  An environment where children practise and play freely, where there is no good or bad – only creation. I strive to inspire children to feel comfortable with their abilities and to allow them to develop their skills and grow. We look at other artists’ work, different techniques, mediums and get inspired – with the freedom to express ourselves and gain individuality. I hope to encourage the children to find their own unique style and enjoy what they make. My focus is not so much on the outcome but more on the process. I’m currently on my own art journey and following the same approach and it is wonderful.

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