Abstract in Oil and Acrylics Workshop

Term: 03 Jul –
03 Jul
When: 10:00am –
Where: Studio 2
Price: $140.00
There are 9 seats left for this class!

This 1 day workshop is tutored by the talented and very experienced Sybille Schlumbom.

Learn some basics of oil and acrylic painting while exploring expressions of “relationship/ interaction” in an abstract way. This can mean relationships between colours, shapes, texture, between oil and acrylic paint used together, side by side or layered.

You learn some basic techniques to use both oils and acrylics and can draw inspiration from our group discussions. Basic materials and tools are provided and prepared with some guidelines and structure (which you might decide not to follow) we explore our own interpretation of relationship/ interaction.

Please note that this is a process-based workshop, student grade oil and acrylic paints, brushes, palette knifes, canvas boards and mdf boards are provided. Please bring your own paints/ brushes/ canvas if you wish to start a more ambitious work on the day.

10 Students maximum.

9 in stock

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