4 – Thursday 6th July – Craft Creations using a huge variety of craft items – 5-12 years

Term: 06 Jul –
06 Jul
When: 9:00am –
Where: Studio 2
Price: $35.00
There are 18 seats left for this class!

Each class requires a minimum number of enrolments to start. We will advise if this is not achieved and we have to cancel the class before the term starts.  Once the class starts there can be no refunds unless we have to cancel the class due to unforeseen circumstances.

This morning children will have a huge variety of craft items (eg. cardboard, egg cartons, feathers, pom poms, pipe cleaners, patterned papers, wool, fabric and much more) to use to create anything they want from 3D artworks, to creatures, decorated pencil holders or whatever they can imagine.

Tutored by highly skilled and experienced WSA term tutors Paulette Bruns and Josie Ward.

18 in stock

Does the student have a medical condition that the tutor should be made aware of?