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Like the “Selfie” portrait classes by Pieter Swanepoel these classes will be in a “project” format. This simply means that there is a lot of emphasis on the process, or then the development towards what will be a final artwork, which, in this case will be in the pastel medium.

The Goddess Portrayed will be an exploration of looking at what it is that makes a goddess, historically as well as in our contemporary, daily lives. The Goddess may be someone important or famous within our society or perhaps even from a world outside our own. But then again, the Goddess may be an inner self. This is why it is important that the actual ‘final’ artwork will be the result of an extensive process aimed at portraying not only the physical, but indeed also the spiritual aspects of such a Goddess.

Pieter Swanepoel has been involved in the visual arts all of his life.

He has worked in a variety of fields, including art criticism, photography, illustration, design, education and as an independent artist, having exhibitions of his own work.

As an educator he taught at a number of secondary and tertiary institutions in South Africa before immigrating to New Zealand. He settled in Hamilton some five years ago and has tutored various classes here since.

Term: 13 Oct - 01 Dec
When: 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Where: Studio 1
Tutor: Pieter Swanepoel
Price: $150.00

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