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These painting classes will take the form of a “project”. As such it is as much about the process as it is about the final painting, which will be in a medium of choice.

The selfie will be explored through a series of selfie-portraits taken in whatever way possible. Such initial images will then be processed to become part of an artwork which will be the result of an entire process, rather than a simple copy of a realistic photographic self-portrait.

Here are two samples prepared to show which way such a Portrait of the Artist as a Selfie might turn out.

Pieter Swanepoel has been involved in the visual arts all of his life.

He has worked in a variety of fields, including art criticism, photography, illustration, design, education and as an independent artist, having exhibitions of his own work.

As an educator he taught at a number of secondary and tertiary institutions in South Africa before immigrating to New Zealand. He settled in Hamilton some five years ago and has tutored various classes here since.

Term: 12 Oct - 07 Dec
When: 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Where: Studio 2
Tutor: Pieter Swanepoel
Price: $150.00

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