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Mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock printing) is best known for the works produced under the genre name ukiyo-e during the Edo period in Japan.

This class is an introduction to the traditional technique of mokuhanga, you learn the basics of this traditional, sustainable, low tech printing method using watercolour, a handheld printing press and a simple registration system.

This is a process-based class, traditional templates to work from can be provided.

Copying prints is common practice in Japan. The originals were commissioned by a publisher, who would choose a designer (artist), carver and printer to work together on the execution. Following this tradition, modern day publishers still work with carvers and printers to recreate ukiyo-e as well as contemporary prints.

The possibilities for artists to incorporate mokuhanga in their practice are endless. Returning students and participants with a more academic interest in Japanese arts and craft are welcome.

Basic materials included. Students must purchase their own tools if they want to continue working at home (available from tutor). While this is a process focussed class, the timeframe of the course will allow to finish projects that are not too ambitious during class time.

Term: 29 Jul - 16 Sep
When: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Where: Studio 2
Tutor: Sybille Schlumbom
Price: $195.00

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