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Course Outline

  • Number of classes: 6 classes comprised of 2 hours per week spread over 6 weeks.
  • Course day: Tuesday
  • Start date and End Date: 19 May to 23 June, 2020
  • Class format: Online class via ZOOM. Before the course starts your tutor will send you the instructions (via email) to get connected on ZOOM.
  • Time: 10 am to 12 noon (2 hours online class – 35 mins > 10 mins break > 35 mins > 10 mins break > 30 mins) 

Learn the art of Gilding (Gold Leaf Art) with Geetanjali.

To Gild something is to cover it with gold. You will learn how to Gild with imitation Gold leaf, but you can also apply real 24K Gold leaf if you want to. The effect of gold leaf on objects is quite spectacular and creates a luxury feel, which has been used to beautify architecture, furniture, objects and paintings for centuries. The impact of Gold leaf on paintings and objects cannot be achieved with any other material and once you learn the basic technique you’re away!

In the first two classes you will paint along with your tutor to learn gilding techniques. In the remaining four classes you can choose the painting you wish to make, and your tutor will guide you.

This is an ONLINE course via ZOOM – a virtual learning environment. ZOOM is very easy to use. Closer to the course start date you will receive a ZOOM meeting invite. Duration of this class will be 10-15 minutes and the idea is to test the ZOOM connectivity for each participant and resolve any related issues.

To get started with ZOOM click here – ZOOM

List of material needed for this class

  1. Acrylic paint (Tube)
    • Either a multi-pack or individual colours
  2. Brushes
    • Flat: Number 2 (hard bristles) and 6 (soft bristles)
  • Filbert: Number 2 and 4
    • Round: Number 0
  1. Canvas
    • For class 1 and 2: 12 x 16” (inches)
    • For class 3 to 6 (size of your choice)
  2. Gilding paste
  3. Imitation Gold leaf sheets
  4. Masking tape
  5. Oil colour (Tube)
    • 1 x Burnt Umber (smallest available size)
  6. Palette or disposable plates
  7. Pencil and Eraser
  8. Rag and paper towel
  9. Small container
  10. Varnish or Mod podge (Matt)



Term: 19 May - 23 Jun
When: 9:30am - 11:30am
Where: Studio 2
Tutor: Geetanjali Ghandi Ahluwalia
Price: $135.00

There are 6 seats left for this class!

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